Chapel Hill, NC: Food trucks that have restaurants: Orange County, Western Triangle edition

By Art Sheppard  |


— Food trucks and restaurants: Orange County and the Western Triangle

While you are out and about, here are a few restaurants that also have food trucks in the area. Since the Triangle area is a vast area, we will highlight the Western area for the first part of the series.

Bandidos – Before I wandered into the food truck, I discovered this resaturant’s Franklin Street location. This restaurant serves up classic Mexican food with monthly specials to offer menu variety. If you are daring, you can enter the ‘El Gigante’ challenge (a burrito filled with the works).  Those who successfully complete the challenge by themselves earn a T-shirt.  Two locations: 122 S. Churton Street, Hillsborough and 159 ½ East Franklin Street, Chapel Hill.

Captain Ponchos – This Mexican food truck recently opened a restaurant in Southern Village in Chapel Hill. Those familiar with the food truck will recognize the trademark Loco Burrito and award-winning Nutella Burrito (Best Dessert at the 2015 Food Truck Championship). Fans will also notice the menu has expanded past the food truck menu offering many items, while keeping the flavors familiar with the truck. Location: 708 Market Street, Chapel Hill.

Mixed – Mixed offers delicious Korean cuisine in a casual setting. One unique perspective is their approach to Bibimbap over what I have experienced. You can customize your Bibimbap to your tastes by selecting meats and vegetables. One customization that I always make is the Dulsot bowl selection, which is a hot stone bowl. This allows you to get your rice to get a nice crispy texture! Location: 1404 E Franklin Street, Chapel Hill

Olio and AcetoThe café located in the Galleria shopping center in Chapel Hill serves breakfast and lunch with made-to-order sandwiches, soups, and salads. Chef Suzie Kenan uses nearby Blue Sky Oil and Vinegar to bring a new twist on familiar classic recipes. In addition to breakfast and lunch service, they also serve weekend brunch and wine dinners once a month. Location: 400 S Elliot Road, Chapel Hill