Charleston, NC: Fire Street Food Looks to the East for Inspiration

By Rob Young  |

Come and play with “Fire,” beckons one of the newer restaurants on King Street. And by fire, the establishment means a medley of Pan-Asian foods in a trendy, contemporary setting.

Fire Street Food opened its first location in March in Savannah and then followed with another in September in Charleston.

The Lowcountry location formerly housed Burger Babies.

Shades of turquoise and orange color the restaurant, and while the old Burger Babies may have featured elements of contemporary Asian design, Fire Street Food features fare from the Asian realm: China, Korea, Japan, Thailand and Vietnam.

The latter sort consists of items like spicy Thai barbecue ribs ($9.95), pork chops ($8.95), crispy chicken wings ($6.95), stir-fried noodles ($8.95) and lemongrass chicken ($8.95).

The skewers, like the Japanese yakitori, are grilled over a charcoal flame. Whether chicken, pork, beef or shrimp, they enjoy a rich taste, containing a bit of soy and garlic.

The authentic eats sections looks to Thailand by offering the popular Pad Thai ($8.95) and red, yellow and green curry dishes ($7.95). The green curry is a mild bowl, sweetened with coconut milk, onions and bell peppers for a pleasant taste.

As sandwiches go, Fire Street ups the ante with prime ground beef ($9.95) and Wagyu Kobe burgers ($14.95). Doubtful you’d find either on the street, but hey, no complaints here.