Charlotte, NC: Charlotte Food Truck Owners Criticize Proposed Ordinance

By Staff  |  Ag & Food Law Blog


Food truck vendors in Charlotte, North Carolina are voicing their concerns over a proposed city ordinance that they say would hurt their industry, according to an article by the Charlotte Observer available here.  WBTV also reported on the story here.

The proposed zoning ordinance would prevent food trucks from operating within 100 feet of a restaurant, nightclub or bar, and would be more heavily restricted in residential areas.  The proposed ordinance also includes new permitting requirements intended to ease restrictions for vendors.

“I don’t think they’re intentionally trying to harm food trucks by any stretch of the imagination,” said David Stuck, who co-founded the Tin Kitchen, a food truck and catering company.  “But I do think they don’t understand what it is we do.”

Planning Manager Katrina Young says the proposed draft is not permanent and is meant to open a dialogue.  Young also said the planning department will have a final recommendation for the City Council in late summer at the earliest.

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