Charlottesville, VA: Food Truck Could Set Up Shop Near Residences If New Ordinance Passes

By Loren Thomas |


The Charlottesville planning commission re-wrote an ordinance, viewed in January, that could change where the popular food trucks could do business in Charlottesville.

The ordinance would allow food trucks to park in residential areas with a special permit. Trucks would be allowed to operate within 100 ft. of a home.

The food trucks must also be at least 30 feet away from restaurants. One local food truck owner spoke about the affect of the ordinance.

“It will open up the possibility that food trucks like ourselves will be able to vend on private lots with the permission of property owners,” says Mouth Wide Open owner Justin Wert. “That would give us an opportunity to vend downtown without having to worry about two hour parking, so that would be a big assistance to us.”

The city of Charlottesville and the Virginia Health Department will issue those permits for parking in residential areas.

The ordinance is supposed to go in front of city council later in the spring.