Chicago: ‘Happy Bodega’ Food Truck Off Streets For Good

By Steve Cavendish |

The Happy Bodega truck’s self-described “hibernation season” is permanent.

Owner Amanda Cavazos tells The Stew that the popular truck, which she put away on a “winter siesta,” is a victim of Chicago’s current food truck laws which prevent cooking on the vehicle. The cost of kitchen rental ultimately made the economics prohibitive for her.

“I was really counting on being able to cook on the truck,” Cavazos said. “I couldn’t even pour coffee.”

Though there is legislation pending before the Council which would allow cooking, the delay made Cavazos return to her marketing consulting business.

She tells The Stew that she might reconsider if the ordinance is changed.

Happy Bodega served a variety of sandwiches, soups and snacks.,0,6152894.story