Chicago, IL: The Salsa Truck Starting Food Truck Commissary

By Daniel Gernia |


The latest food truck ordinance is still constricting to many trucks. One of them, The Salsa Truck, is trying to get around it by starting a home base for their truck’s cooking, plus 20 brick-and-mortar seats, in a commissary named The Garage. One would imagine that the city would be happy about this idea, considering their disposition towards protecting brick-and-mortar restaurants, a hotly contested topic at last summer’s city council meetings where the latest ordinance was passed.

The Salsa Truck, operated by former financial adviser Dan Salls, serves a variety of salsa, guacamoles, quesadillas, and hot sauces. The Garage, located on 116 N. Aberdeen, has room to accommodate six trucks in addition to the lunch counter. Salls is offering to open his space and commissary up to other trucks as well. Maybe food trucks continuing to work together will help the industry get higher off the ground, despite the laws.