Chicago: Meatyballs and City Provisions Planning ‘Culinary Swap’

Chicago's "Meatyballs Mobile" and the creator, Chef Foss

By Nick Kindelsperger |

Chicago's "Meatyballs Mobile"

This is a trade we can get behind. Tomorrow Chef Cleetus Friedman from City Provisions will be riding around in Phillip Foss’s Meatyballs Mobile serving up his very own meatball dish. You can sample the new creation at the corner of West Monroe and South Dearborn from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. Of course, he’s not the first guest to step on the food truck, so what makes this story interesting is that Foss will then be taking over City Provisions on May 5. The food truck pioneer will be offering up a selection of hot lunch specials. We’re excited to see how this works out for both parties.