Chicago: The Southern Mac & Cheese Truck Hits The Road

Chicago's newest addition to Food Truck offerings!

by Steve Dolinsky |

Chicago's newest addition to Food Truck offerings!

“Are you ready for some Mac?” That was question posed by The Southern’s owner Jim Lasky and Chef Cary Taylor on Facebook today as they launched their new mobile mac and cheese truck. Judging by the turnout, the answer was a resounding yes.

“Oh. My. God. It was crazy!” exclaimed Lasky of the 40 people already lined up outside Willis Tower as they pulled up around 11:35a.m. in the new Mercedes Benz sprinter. “We had no idea what to expect, it was nuts, everyone loved everything.” Offering up smoked gouda, blue cheese and bacon, andouille crawfish, and sundried tomatoes with caramelized onions as options ranging from $8 to $12, The Southern Mac & Cheese Truck sold out in less than 25 minutes. “It was a party on that truck today.”

Inspired by good friend, and fellow mobile restaurateur Matt Maroni’s Gastro-Wagon’s success, Lasky and Taylor took to the streets, with Maroni on-board, to give people more options as they head out for lunch on any given day. “We don’t serve lunch at The Southern, we figured it’s a great way for people to see what we do and give them more choices.”

In an effort to work with, rather than against fellow food truck vendors, Lasky and Taylor will inform followers of their location via Twitter only after determining where the others are setting up shop. “We don’t want to step on Matt’s[Maroni], or anyone else’s toes,” said Lasky. “The more the merrier,” he said of competition. “Hopefully more people come out, see more choices and create more business for everyone.”

So where’s the next stop? 11:45a.m. on Tuesday, Feb. 7, outside Groupon and the BigTenNetwork Headquarters at 600 W. Chicago Ave. For more information, visit or follow on Twitter @thesouthernmac.