Chicago: Zullo’s Food Truck Launching Soon

Zullo's Food Truck

by Claire Brown |

Zullo's Food Truck

Cooking fresh, authentic Italian food with local and organic ingredients comes naturally to Adriana Marzullo. “It was more than a tradition, it was a way of life,” Marzullo says of cooking in her household growing up. Her mother and grandmother taught her how to make wine in the basement, jar her own tomato sauce and cook with produce from the backyard garden.

For the past three years, Marzullo has been sharing the recipes and cooking secrets she learned from her grandmother (who perfected them cooking in the mountains of Italy before she came to the U.S. in her 50s) at Green City Market and other farmers’ markets across the city. And now, she’s spreading the Italian love even further with a food truck that will start trolling the streets in early September. The menu consists of about 20 varieties of calzones, including mini dessert versions, ranging in price from $7–9.

“We’re keeping it really simple,” Marzullo says. “It’s really important to me that whatever products I use, I do it the way my grandmother did it. And that’s using local ingredients.” The calzones are made from Marzullo’s grandmother’s Roman-style pizza recipe, with organic flour and shortening. She also makes her own sausage and ricotta and gets all produce from local sources (including Green City Market whenever possible).

Green City Market–goers have been able to sample Marzullo’s calzones for the past several weeks, and the favorites so far include chicken pesto pot pie, turkey and proscuitto with swiss cheese and béchamel sauce, and a twist on spaghetti and meatball; seasonal fruits such as peach and blueberry find their way into the dessert calzones.

Marzullo and her partner, Paul Eberly, will both be on the truck every day starting early next month. Track them on twitter (@ZullosFoodTruck) or Facebook.