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By Isaiah Kelsey | Urban.Food.Print

New York, NY — Village Voice hosted their first year of Choice Streets, a food truck version of Choice Eats at the Intrepid Museum on Pier 86 last Tuesday.  This event highlighted some of NYC’s finest gourmet trucks from savory to sweet.

Choice Streets was reminiscent of  my childhood memories of a boardwalk carnival with live music, bright lights, smiling faces, sweet smells, and mist from the Hudson River. As I walked into the event there were several trucks to choose from that I decided to start from the back and work my way forward.

I started at the Mexicue Food Truck that prepared both sliders and soft shell tacos. I ordered the Alabama Chicken taco, which was amazing, simple ingredients executed with finesse. What better to compliment my taco, then with Shock Top draft beer.

Alabama Chicken Taco

I was a bit dissapointed as some of the trucks had closed down a bit early in the middle of the event as they didn’t have enough food to meet the demands of the attendees at Choice Streets. I didn’t let that put a complete damper on my experience as I continued my “food truck crawl” to the next truck.

Valducci's Square Slice. MFN File Photo

Valducci’s Food Truck was voted the best square pizza in New York and I must concur to its reputation as I enjoyed the margherita-style pizza. They were very friendly and kept the line flowing continuously.

Between food truck stops I found myself in the Spirits Arena that featured vodka brands such as Uncle Tito’s, Veeve, and Svedka. They all equally shook up some refreshing beverages that kept the lines long and attendees coming right back. I headed back out to the food trucks and enjoyed dishes from Solber Pupusas, Phil’s Steaks, and Korilla BBQ.

Wafels & Dinges. photo Isaiah Kelsey

As I felt myself begin to get full, I realized I had to leave room for dessert. I must say all hands down to Wafels & Dinges, as it was my favorite truck of the evening. They served “de throwdown wafel” which can be described as soft and chewy with spekuloos spread [gingerbread] and whipped cream.

Coolhaus Truck's scoop of apple pie ice cream sandwiched between two carrot cake cookies. photo Isaiah Kelsey

I couldn’t leave until I stopped pass by Coolhaus Truck, a gourmet ice cream truck that I’ve become oh so familiar with throughout the months since they’ve first landed in NYC. I ended the night with a scoop of apple pie ice cream sandwiched between two carrot cake cookies.

I look forward to next year’s Choice Streets and hope that all the food trucks are more than ready with plenty of food as this event will continue to grow yearly.

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