Cincinnati: Foodquest – Taco Azul & Servatii Yogurt

by PCampbell |

What a beautiful day. One might actually want to take a walk and rustle up some lunch on such a day. Which is what I did–went out to see what food trucks might be out and about. Taco Azul was parking on Court St. , Downtown’s food court. Lots of choices here, including two food trucks. Taco Azul serves an authentic taco truck menu, with tacos, burritos and tortas. Tortas are Mexican sandwiches.  You get the  same choice of meats as you would for a taco, but it’s served inside a special mexican bun. Which they were out of. So I got tacos. I only had 6 dollars and some change on me, so I could have had 3 tacos, but I just got two;  al pastor (pork) and chicken. These are classic street tacos: two soft warm corn tortillas, the meat, diced onions and cilantro. I could have asked for various additives, but I just  got some pico de gallo salsa  on the side. I sat on a bench by the library and ate them.

To be honest, I had some trouble with them. The tortillas were sort of dry, not so flexible, and they tended to tear and fall apart. It was hard to roll the meal up together. And the pico made them a little soggy, which didn’t help. So I’m going back to try again.  This lunch doesn’t seem like the final word at all on Taco Azul. Have you tried ? Was it good?

Since I’d only spent 4 of my 6 dollars, I swung by Fountain Square and went into the new Servatii’s. (Have you seen their poster of George Clooney advertising Espresso? I suddenly felt like buying something Nespresso. I guess it’s the only advertising he’s ever done, and it was in French.) I got a modest portion of their new self-serve chocolate yogurt, with a few nuts. Good thing it was only $2.17 and I had some extra change, too.  This doesn’t seem like a ton of yogurt for $2.17, but I like it that you control your own portion.  (And it’s a very big bowl.) Sometimes I’ll pay extra to get less because I’ll eat as much as I get.There were a variety of toppings including pineapple and blackberries and nuts and candies.