Cleveland Food Truck Legislation Expires in November

By Ted Kortan |

CLEVELAND – The temporary city ordinance allowing mobile food trucks to operate on Cleveland city streets will expire in November.

Currently, the Departments of Economic Development, City Planning, Public Health and Assessments and Licenses are working to compile a report for the mayor’s administration and city council detailing the success — and identifying weaknesses — of the program.

Executive for Small Business Development Kevin Schmotzer told NewsChannel5 he has been collecting feedback all summer long from food truck operators, patrons, other restauranteurs and interested parties.

“Overall, it’s been a great success,” Schmotzer said. “We want to get new legislation based on our report on the success of the food carts and food trucks.”

Several food truck operators interviewed by NewsChannel5 said they look forward to the continuing legislation being passed — as they intend to keep operating well into wintertime.