Cleveland: Gourmet Food Truck Told to Leave During Parade (VIDEO)

Dim And Den Sum Truck (Credit: Nguyen)

By Lorrie Taylor | Fox 8 News
Dim And Den Sum Truck (Credit: Nguyen)
CLEVELAND, Ohio -— Hundreds-of-thousands of people flooded the parade route for Cleveland’s annual St. Patrick’s Day celebration. The parade took a left turn a couple of blocks before the City Street Deli, where owner Rini Meador was hoping the spill over crowd would generate a few hundred extra dollars in walk in business.

“It’s just a little extra, we’re not greedy,” she said, defending her opposition to a mobile food truck that parked directly across from her front door.

Christopher Hodgson who owns and operates ‘Dim and Den Sum’, a popular gourmet food truck that travels the streets of Cleveland wasn’t expecting the greeting he got shortly after pulling up.

Meador admitted she was upset when Hodgson parked his mobile restaurant across from cafe, she demanded he move and questioned whether he had the proper permits to be there.

“People walking down here that were parking only saw his truck,” she complained.

Hodgson, who is a celebrated entrepreneur, didn’t want to talk about what happened, telling Fox 8 News he doesn’t like to complain. But said his permits were legal.

“We need to find out what went wrong and make sure that never happens again,” said Cleveland Councilman Matt Zone.

Zone said he worked with Councilman Joe Cimperman to ensure that Hodgson would be able to operate in the city.

Zone said he’s ready to defend the rights of young entrepreneurs like Hodgson, who shouldn’t have felt pressured to move on.

“The unfortunate situation is this poor young man had enough food for 500 people and it was going to spoil so he ended up giving it away to people.”

Hodgson told Fox 8 he also operated as a charity and donated the left over food to a men’s shelter.

Zone said he plans to arrange a meeting to ensure all levels of city hall understand the rights of vendors like Hodgson.

The councilman’s initial investigation led him to conclude a miscommunication between city hall and Hodgson may be the cause of the problem.

Rini Meador said she’s all in favor of supporting new business, as long as she doesn’t get left behind in the process.

“The little businesses around here, we stuck it out and I think that the city, there should be some loyalty to that.”,0,4045118.story