Cleveland’s Restaurant Community Shows Support For Local Chef Featured on Food Network [video]

By  Bob Fenner |

CLEVELAND – Cleveland’s restaurant and food truck community came together Sunday evening to celebrate the national exposure one local chef is receiving.

Market Garden Brewery on West 25th Street in Cleveland’s Ohio City neighborhood was the site for a watch party for ‘The Great Food Truck Race’ on Food Network.

Chris Hodgson, owner of Hodge Podge, is competing against seven other food trucks from other cities.  They are racing cross-country with the hope of taking home a grand prize of $100,000.

All Cleveland area food trucks were invited to share in the watch party excitement.  The trucks lined-up outside Market Garden Brewery and fed many a hearty appetite walking the streets of Ohio City.

While restaurants and food trucks in other cities are adversaries and battle each other for business, that is not the case here in Northeast Ohio.

“In Cleveland’s case, we are all supporting each other,” said Sam McNulty, owner of Market Garden Brewery.  “I want the food trucks to succeed.  I want the other restaurants and bars to succeed.”

“It’s unbelievable to see the support that Cleveland has.  Every single owner, every single chef is coming together just to help out one another.  It’s like a brotherhood,” said Hodgson.