College Grove, TN: New Truck Offers Its Own Farm Fresh Food

Blackbird Heritage Farm Truck

By Adam Ghassemi |

Blackbird Heritage Farm Truck

COLLEGE GROVE, Tenn. – Tucked away in Williamson County there are pigs living the good life.

“You’ve heard the expression happier than a pig in… you know mud, ” joked Andy Roddic.

A few years ago their owner, Roddic, decided to do something most people in their 30s wouldn’t even consider. He became a certified organic hog farmer and started Blackbird Heritage Farm.

“Everything we do is on a much smaller scale,” he said. “We don’t have the big pig houses, the commercial kind of operation.”

His idea is if the pigs are happy the people eating their pork will be too.

“I want them to taste like what pigs used to taste like,” Roddic said. “A hundred years ago when all pigs were raised on pasture.”

So anything on the farm with a snout lives a natural life.

“They get hot in the summer. They get cold in the winter. They tolerate it. They live on the grass, they eat the grass. They get to run free and instead of the meat at the end tasting flat I think the meat has a character to it,” Roddic said.

The only problem for this small startup is finding customers.

“Winters here farmer’s markets have really slowed down, but how can we use some of these small batches of sausage we did so we said just build a food truck,” he said.

So Roddic bought, built and even painted this turquoise truck, and made it a mobile extension of his farm.

“A farmer driven food truck,” Jamie Kiner who helps run the truck for Roddic.

Raising their own pigs means they can tell people what goes into every link of sausage they serve.

“The corn that we feed them, the wheats, the barley, the soy beans, anything that goes into their diet is from a non-genetically modified seed,” said Roddic.

They hope people take away all the work and dedication in every bite.

“This sausage reminds me of when I was a little kid and my grandma’s cooking is kind of the reaction we get a lot,” Kiner said is a response she gets from many customers.

Roddic believes he is not only the only farmer owned food truck in Tennessee, but possibly in the country.