Colorado Spring, CO: Colorado Springs Food Truck Dining

By Kelly Young  |  Active Rain


Street food has evolved thanks to the food truck movement the last couple of years. Frugal but skilled chefs have found a way to share their talents with the public and make meals on wheels chic. Not only does the low cost mobility benefit the small business owners, but continuously brings new culture and flavor to town.

Colorado Springs now has its very own consistent fleet of gourmet fast food trucks, with the occasional visitor rolling in to offer a meal or two. Curbside Cuisine, located downtown on the previously abandoned southeast corner of Platte and Nevada, is a designated outdoor dining spot for food trucks to set up shop. The trucks border the parking lot, creating a courtyard in the center with tables and chairs, and a piano sits off to the side for visitors to play. Whether grabbing a quick meal, meeting an old friend, or planning an off-beat date, the atmosphere and culinary choices are sure to please.

Don’t stop there when looking for unique eats; many more trucks are scattered throughout town and move daily. Farmers’ markets and breweries are a safe bet but check out for a list with location updates in the city.

Some people think food trucks are a fad, but it seems like they are more inspiring each year. What do you think, A trend or here to stay?