Colorado Springs, CO: Food Trucks Serve Healthy Cuisine on the Go

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By  Justin Chamber | Fox21 News

COLORADO SPRINGS, COLO. — When you think of food on the go, you probably aren’t thinking about healthy eating. But there’s a movement in Colorado Springs and other cities around the country making “food on wheels” another option to be fed well.

The hustle and bustle of a busy restaurant.

“We love food,” said Jo Marini, co-owner of The Local. “We love sitting around a table and having those relationships with people.”

Except this restaurant is on the move.

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“Food has always been a big part of our lives as far as our family backgrounds ethnically, so we decided to do a food truck.”

Jo Marini and her partner Sara Crowell are the co-owners and founders of The Local.

“It was very important to Sara and I when we started this that we were going to work hard and save what we had and work with what we can afford. This truck is that,” said Marini.

A business built from the ground up by two friends and former classmates at the Air Force Academy who wanted to do something different.

“I was a C-130 pilot and got stationed at the Academy to work with the women’s basketball team, we had no idea what we were doing,” said Crowell.

These ladies knew about food…but they weren’t so sure about a 1971 Chevy step side van…otherwise known as “their” food truck.

“It’s given us its share of problems being that it’s very vintage, but we love it and it’s good to us.”

“So Sara, you flew a C-130 and now you have to drive this thing. Tell me what’s harder? The truck…by far…by far.”

While the truck may be vintage, the food is anything but.

Jo, Sara and their partner Philip Petty make it a point to create entrees from local organic and naturally raised food.

“In the past, they were called roach coaches. You know? Whenever someone looked at a truck, they would think ‘I’m probably going to enjoy it, but I’ll be sick for the next week.'”

“We started with the ‘Local Burger.’ We wanted something to appeal to everyone whether you’re into local food or not,” says Marini.

A fan favorite at Spectranetics, one of the many places you’ll see “The Local”..this burger is a 100 percent grass fed, grass finished burger.

“When you do source locally and when you do support the people who are growing and farming in your community and they are doing it well and naturally, it’s actually a more sustainable and affordable practice.”

And what about the jam?

“Oh and we make a bacon jam. How can I forget the shining star of the burger.”

Besides the “burger,” The Local serves up authentic Korean tacos and specialty drinks.

The food truck movement is growing and when this truck gathers with others in one spot, people come from all over to try the different healthy options.

“They were able to say, ‘I want a hot cocoa from her. But I want to get a hot dog over here.’ It’s a really nice experience. Something a little different,” says Crowell.

You can find out where The Local will be on their Facebook page and follow them on Twitter @TheLocalTruckCO.

Starting May 15, Curbside Cuisine will set up at Nevada and Platte where several food trucks will gather to offer different types of food for all tastes.