Columbus, OH: Food Trucks Going Green [video]


COLUMBUS, Ohio – The food truck craze is taking over Columbus.

Trucks are increasing in popularity and customers say that the food delivered out of rolling windows is fantastic.

“The theme behind our food is healthy, gourmet, with a strong focus on local flavors,” said Michelle Taphorn.

Taphorn runs Earth’s Crust Pizza and the Krazy Monkey Juicebar out of a vintage vehicle. She gets her ingredients from the Ohio whenever possible, reported ONN’s Harrison Hove.

“Getting things locally means you’re cutting down on the amount of pollution you’re putting into the environment. Our mushrooms and leeks only traveled a few miles,” she said.

The fusion of flavor ranges from a vegan pepperoni to pecans, apples, and carmelized onions. There are also natural milkshakes and juices on the menu.

All cups and plates are recyclable or compostable. John Lotus helped build the sustainable restaurant on wheels.

“It’s really a passion thing first and as an electrician, I feel duty bound to make this statement,” said Lotus.

Lotus helped wire solar panels to the roof, providing a stream of renewable energy to the food truck.

“We run off about 50 percent solar power and 50 percent off the grid. We have 441 Watts with solar panels,” said Lotus.

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