Consider the Food Truck

By Carla |

Food trucks have steadily been gaining popularity for a while now, and everyone has a favorite in their home town. Trucks allow prospective entrepreneurs the ability to start up a business without the hassle of a brick-and-mortar store, and their enthusiasm for food shows in the quality and creativity of their dishes. The trend has also inspired fierce competition that keeps the best trucks in business and weeds out the sub-par imitations. Plus, with the addition of apps that allow you to track your favorite truck, a Korean-Mexican fusion taco or lobster-on-a-stick is never far away.

Now this trend is spilling over into the wedding world, and catering from a food truck offers a unique (and delicious) spin on the traditional “Chicken or Fish?” attitude about wedding food. A couple can add a personal touch to their wedding by inviting their favorite truck to feed their family and friends.

Here in Orange County, there are a few fan favorites. I asked two of them, The Lime Truck (specializing in an ever-changing, fresh, and healthy menu) and Crepes Bonaparte (Orange County’s leading authority on crepes and all things crepe-related), to provide some insight regarding the benefits of Food Truck Catering at your wedding:

Daniel Shemtob, CEO/ Visionary of The Lime Truck, believes that his truck offers a unique perspective on food that any modern bride would appreciate: “What’s neat about having The Lime Truck caterer is that we have an ever-changing menu, so we can customize a menu exactly to the client’s needs.” Daniel also assures that if a venue can not accommodate a truck, there are ways to get a bride her gnocchi: “We do drop off catering, tray pass, and the truck at location.”

The price and attitude of The Lime Truck should get any bride to dump her current caterer: “We typically come in 30% cheaper then other wedding caterers, and our food is much more current then the boring caterers who lost the passion and art in food.”

Crepes Bonaparte offers a similar philosophy regarding the benefits of food truck catering. Danielle Murcia owns Crepes Bonaparte (and sister truck Brats Berlin) with her husband, and agrees that food trucks are great to break away from traditional catering: “Food trucks are a fun alternative for the couple looking for something different for their guests.”

If a couple loves the food but is committed to another entrée for the main course, Danielle recommends that her food is “also a great way to provide a late night snack, after dinner and dancing.”

So for the contemporary bride who isn’t afraid to try something different, consider the food truck. Why search for the perfect caterer when they’ll drive to you?