Cripple Creek BBQ Heads to KickStarter for a Swift Kick

John Lynch | Chef/Owner |

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About this project

People venture out of their offices, homes and schools everyday in search of food, usually something quick and affordable.

Why does this food need to be inherently bad for you? Why does it need to be, if not the cause, a major contributor to the food related illnesses we have in this country?

The dream of Cripple Creek Barbeque’s John and Stacy Lynch is to bring an amazing meal to these people.

Food trucks are starting to gain momentum, both in popularity and acceptability in the world of food service. No longer are they the shiny silver “Gut Trucks” you see at every construction site around the country. Chefs are leaving the confines of their brick and mortar kitchens to bring their gourmet foods to the people, the people in business parks, schools, industrial areas and other such places that don’t have food near them without a drive through.

Cripple Creek Barbeque is a company built on the idea of sustainable foods with sustainable practices. We only use meats sourced in our area. Our beef comes from Colorado’s Best Beef and our pork comes from Longs Family Farms, both are locally raised, all natural meats. Our produce will be sourced locally when in season and sustainable all year long.

By using these local farmers, we help keep our community healthy financially and physically. Studies have shown that the closer you are to your food source, the better the food is for you.

Now by serving Barbeque it by no means limits us to the pulled meat sandwiches and ribs normally associated with Barbeque.

Menu ideas will include:
Pulled Pork Breakfast Burritos
Brisket Sliders
Braised Pork Belly “BLT’s”
Brisket or Pulled Chicken Philly’s
Pulled Brisket sliders

All breads will come from Baker’s Way, a local all natural artisan bakery.

The support we receive from our Kickstarter supporters will go for a myriad of things we need to get rolling. Firstly, a $5000 down payment will go for the truck being design by local food truck builder
Next we will need $1000-$2000 for permits, licenses and business insurance for the cities in which we will be operating. Each city has different regulations we need to abide by.

Then we will need $1500-$2000 for operating expenses for the truck, gas, insurance, maintenance costs, and raw food items.

Finally 10% goes to Kickstarter and Amazon for administration fees. 5% for each.

We are lucky when it comes to marketing. Like most food trucks, we will be using social media such as Twitter, Facebook, Delicious, etc to get the word out. Because as we all know, word of mouth is more powerful then ANYTHING an ad agency can come up with.

By using Kickstarter as our “Venture Capitalists” we gather a community of people that believe in Cripple Creek Barbeque, John and Stacy, and what we believe in. We gain the independence to follow our hearts in our choices for the direction of our business. And we don’t have to listen to people whose only concern is the bottom dollar. Our conscience will direct us to where we need to go and how we will get there.