Custom Concessions: A Whole New Look at Eating on the Road

Custom Concessions

Custom Concessions

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If you’ve been to a fair, festival or a sporting event, you’ve likely seen one of Custom Concessions food trailers in action.  Only you didn’t realize it because it was designed for one of their high profile customers such as the Washington Redskins, Domino’s Pizza, NASCAR, Haagen-Dazs and even the United States Army.

Custom Concessions manufactures custom built concession trailers.  Because their highly skilled professionals take pride in their craft, Custom Concessions is recognizes as the leader in their industry.

Events that take place at large venues don’t often have onsite catering or supply kitchens for caterers and vendors to use.  That’s where Custom Concessions comes in.  Instead of the caterer having to load large separate vehicles with everything they’ll need to provide their goods and services, a mobile catering truck can meet the needs and allow time to prep, cook and serve all on site.

This not only saves time and money, but it provides a better, and more appealing product to customers.  Transporting and serving fresh, hot food is a challenge and sometimes impossible.  But with a mobile catering trailer, food can be prepared on site whether at a game day tailgate, a park or an outdoor festival or fair.

So if you’re in the catering business, you’ve got an option to serve your clients even when there’s no kitchen available.  Custom Concessions can build a trailer to meet your needs, whether they be large or small.  The walls, flooring and roofing are selected and designed to provide a safe, healthy workspace so that you can worry about the recipe and not the equipment.

You’re not limited in your catering choices with Custom Concessions.  Types of trailers offered include: mobile kitchen trailers, catering trucks and trailers, food trucks and trailers, BBQ trailers, restroom trailers and even living quarter trailers.  Custom Concessions builds to please so you’ll be satisfied whether you’re seeking a BBQ smoker trailer for competitions or a single-item food truck for things like ice cream, funnel cakes, sushi and more.  The choices are only limited by your imagination and your recipe book.

Focusing on every aspect of the design, the Custom Concessions builders work with you for floor planning, the selection of cooking equipment and more to design a product that will far exceed your expectations.  Your opportunities will be endless.

But not only that Health-Department trained experts at Custom Concessions will work with you to help navigate local health codes and prepare you for that all important visit from the health inspector.  So instead of sifting through mounds of bureaucratic paperwork and red tape, you can get to work, and more importantly to cooking, right away.

Custom Concessions is highly motivated to provide you a quality product.  Not only do they want you to be a satisfied customer, but your trailer or truck carries their company name and is a testimony to their quality and a draw for new business.  Your success is their success.

Because sometimes it really is all about the food, the folks at Custom Concessions also have a supporting blog called Dining and Driving.  There you can find their best recommendations for new places to eat while on the road, whether its long-time established restaurants, concession stands on the side of the road, or annual festivals.

Anybody hungry yet?