Dallas: Food Truck Frenzy Hits North Texas [video]

Gandolfo's New York Deli Food Truck in Dallas

Gandolfo's New York Deli Food Truck in Dallas

Customers Use Facebook, Twitter To Locate Dallas-Area Food Trucks

DALLAS, TEXAS — Food trucks selling Korean tacos, New York deli sandwiches, and gourmet grilled cheese are popping up in parking lots across the Metroplex.

Over the past few months, Stephanie Hawkes, has become a local food truck blogger in search of the best mobile fare.

“I`ve been to Nammii the Vietnamese truck, Gandolfo’s the New York deli truck, Ruthies grilled cheese, Jacks Chow Hound, Ssahm Koren BBQ,” said DFWFoodTruckFoodie.com founder Stephanie Hawkes.

We found customer, Ben Linke, at truck in Dallas’ Arts District. “Got their sour cream potato salad,” said Linke.

He says part of the fun is using social media to find them. “They`ll tweet where they`re going to be for lunch or dinner and you just go out and find them,” he said.

Food truck vendors say it’s a trend that’s really catching on in DFW, since cities like Dallas loosened restrictions back in June.

‘It`s been great. It was a slow start, but now it`s just booming,” said Gandolfo`s New York Deli Truck Manager Patty Ervin.

But the local restaurant industry says it doesn’t come with out some concerns.

“We are very concerned that the food trucks need to comply with safety standard as the brick and mortar restaurants do,” said Greater Dallas Restaurant Association Executive Director Tracey Evers.

Evers says we see traditional restaurants turning up in trucks too, if the trend doesn’t sizzle away. Stephanie Hawkes says don’t see surprised if you see one rolling up near you.

“There`s at least six that should be out in the next 30 days,” she said.