Dallas, TX: Food Truck Review – Ssahm BBQ

by Josie Singleton | PegasusNews.com

The Food Trucks just keep rolling in – not just for Fort Worth but for our neighbors in Dallas as well. A few weeks ago SsahmBBQ food truck launched in Dallas. Ssahm brings a fusion of Korean and Mexican cuisines that’s new to the area food truck scene. Food truck aficionados will recognize that it’s the same mix of cuisines that made the Kogi Food Truck in Los Angeles so popular.

Unlike some of the food trucks in Fort Worth, SsahmBBQ changes locations frequently. Since they started serving they’ve used Twitter and Facebook to update on their locations throughout Dallas. Fortunately for Fort Worth they join the ranks of food trucks, like Il Cane Rosso, that cross over into 817 territory.

SsahmBBQ made perfect use of an otherwise empty parking lot on University Drive between Ol’ South Pancake House and the Texaco station. They were ready to serve by 6 and speaking with the co-owners, Andy, Joey, and Ann, they seemed a bit nervous that no one had shown up yet. They had nothing to worry about because a few minutes later a steady stream of people eager for Korean Tacos and Kimchee Fries began showing up.

Ssahm taco Ssahm taco  

The set up differs slightly from other food trucks. In this case, Ann took orders outside the truck, answered questions, and handled payment as well. She was processing credit cards through an iPhone (don’t you love technology) while Andy and Joey filled the orders.

The menu offers Tacos, Quesadillas, Burritos, and Kimchee Fries. For each of these items you choose between beef, pork, chicken, and tofu.

I went with the Kalbi (beef) tacos for $3 and Daeji (pork) Kimchee Fries for $4 for a small order. First thing I noticed when biting in to the taco was the consistency of the shell. It was somewhere between a crunchy taco shell and a firm corn tortilla. It was not bad at all, just an unexpected texture. When I asked one of the owners about what kind of tortilla it was, they responded that they are still working on the tortillas.

The balance of flavors and the amount of heat in both the Tacos and Kimchee Fries was spot on for my taste. The spiciness still allowed the other flavors to come through without overwhelming them. The Kalbi Taco comes topped with cilantro/onion, carmelized Kimchee, and a lime. The blend of the carmelized kimchee, a slow and steady heat from the spices, along with the excellent quality of the beef set it apart from other tacos.

Ssahm kim chee fries Ssahm kim chee fries  

The Kimchee Fries really steal the show at SsahmBBQ. These fries, wow! They come topped with the melted nacho cheese sauce, a sprinkling of shredded cheese, carmelized Kimchee, a drizzling of spicy mayo, cilantro, and your choice of meat topping. After a few bites it was hard to distinguish the different ingredients but it didn’t matter because it adds up to one amazing dish.

Many people took their orders home, I ate mine in the comfort of my air-conditioned car, and some even tailgated it. The diverse crowd that showed up while I was there all had heard about the SsahmBBQ through either Facebook or Twitter. I love seeing social media in action – especially when it connects you to good food.

The crave-worthy dishes Ssahm BBQ brings to Dallas and Fort Worth ensure its success. They took a chance coming to Fort Worth and I hope we showed them enough love to keep them coming back. Otherwise I’m going to need to fill my gas tank and get to Dallas soon.