Dallas, TX: Food Truck Review – The Butcher’s Son Fits the College Kid’s Diet, But Maybe Not their Budget

Photo by T.S. Johnson The Butcher's Son's Santa Fe Sunset sandwich.

By T.S. Johnson | Pegasus News

Photo by T.S. Johnson The Butcher's Son's Santa Fe Sunset sandwich.
Photo by T.S. Johnson
The Butcher’s Son’s Santa Fe Sunset sandwich.

Sandwiched between the Language Building and Curry Hall, sits The Butcher’s Son. While students looking for a little kid with a blood-stained apron may be disappointed, people in search of a food truck serving comfort food will be ecstatic.

The Butcher’s Son’s sleek black truck makes the voyage from Dallas every Monday and Thursday, usually arriving sometime in the afternoon and staying until 8 or 9 p.m.

Most of their food is stupidly scrumptious, such as the Santa Fe Sunset sandwich, $7.99, complete with chicken sausage, chipotle Monterey Jack cheese, black bean salsa, fried jalapenos, tomatoes, onion and avocado between a Brioche bun.

The food even has a nice appearance, especially the Southwestern Chicken Quesadilla, $6.99, which features the same ingredients as the Santa Fe Sunset sandwich, switching out the tomatoes and jalapenos for caramelized onions.


While the signature items above are as good as the titles, the food garnering the most attention is probably the sliders. Each $3 slider is a little three-bite mini-sandwich, which acts as a perfect snack during an afternoon stroll. The best of the sliders is the Southern Hospitality, featuring fried chicken tenderloin, mashed potatoes and gravy stuffed in a roll.

Though the food is tasty, the prices are a little much, as The Butcher’s Son asks college students to dish out a nice chunk of change for some of their dishes. They also don’t offer a real “combo” deal – The Butcher’s 3-Way – but one that equates to the same price as ordering three separate sliders.

Tater tots are also available in a wide variety from regular tots at $2.25, lime tots for $2.50, VooDoo tots with beef, onions and curry powder for $4.62 and Nutter Butter tots, smothered in peanut butter, chocolate sauce and marshmallows for $2.75.

Overall, if you’ve got the cash, check out this truck because the price is worth the unusual sliders, and only makes a stop on campus twice a week.