Dallas, TX: Food Truck Review – Tutta’s Pizza

The Smokey Pig at Tutta's food truck. (Courtesy of Tutta's)

By DFW Food Truck Foodie |  DFW.com

The Smokey Pig at Tutta's food truck. (Courtesy of Tutta's)
The Smokey Pig at Tutta’s food truck. (Courtesy of Tutta’s)

Growing up, “Pizza Day” was my favorite lunch at school. All that stretchy, cheesy goodness, piled on a chewy crust with random pieces of dry pepperoni on top. Why wouldn’t I love it?

Thankfully, my taste in food has improved, and so have the options in pizza. But when Tutta’s Pizza is around, I become that 8-year-old again, and pizza day is my favorite!

Tutta’s has a large menu that includes traditional cheese, pepperoni or Italian sausage pizza, all in 8-inch, personal serving size. I have not yet tried the traditional flavors because I’ve consistently been drawn to their specialty, smoked meat pizzas.

The Smokey Pig has smoked pulled pork, Tutta’s own barbecue sauce and a five cheese blend. The crust is light but holds the pizza well. The meat had a nice, smoky flavor that tastes like pork that came right off the smoker, without being overpowering. The barbecue sauce blends right in, without being messy. I love this pizza.

The Hot Chick pizza at Tutta's (Special to DFW.com/Stephanie Hawkes)
The Hot Chick pizza at Tutta’s (Special to DFW.com/Stephanie Hawkes)

The Hot Chick is made with smoked chicken, bacon, chopped serrano peppers, cheese and Tutta’s pizza sauce. This is also a great pizza. The chicken is full of flavor and the pizza sauce is spicy and flavorful. The biggest surprise were the hits of heat. Every few bites, you hit a serrano pepper piece and it becomes clear why this pizza is called the “hot” chick. It wasn’t so frequent that it seemed like you were eating salsa but it was often enough to let you know that there are hot peppers in this pizza.

Tutta’s has a full menu of pizza, including some meatless options, such as a Mediterranean pie made with sun-dried tomatoes, artichokes and feta and the Gorgy Pear pizza with pears, pecans and truffle oil.

Tutta’s also offers a dessert pie, apple pie stromboli. The stromboli comes out hot and is packed with apples, brown sugar, caramel and cinnamon. The crust is light and the filling is heavy; it’s the perfect dessert for a chilly day.

(Courtesy of Tutta's)
(Courtesy of Tutta’s)

I’m so glad that Tutta’s has brought their truck to the streets of DFW (especially since they’re near my office several times a month). My only word of warning is to remember that this is custom-made pizza, so it does take a few minutes longer to prepare than food from some of the other trucks. On my first visit, I had about an 8-minute wait; the second visit had a longer wait time, slightly over 15 minutes, which I was warned about before I ordered. The pizza was absolutely worth the wait, and I appreciated being told in advance.

You can follow Tutta’s on Facebook and Twitter to find out when they are bringing their grown-up gourmet pizza to your area. It might just make pizza day your favorite once more.