Dallas, TX: Tutta’s Pizza Food Truck on Fire

By George Lewis | Side Dish

TX-dallas-tuttas-pizza-01 TX-dallas-tuttas-pizza-02

Tutta’s Pizza serves up smoked-meat pizza.  A few minutes ago, an on-scene SideDisher sent us these pictures.  We are working on getting more news, but it appears that Tutta’s won’t be rolling for a while.  Owners Jeremy and Amanda Scott are great people.  We’ve reached out to them to see what happened and what their plans are.

Update [12:49 p.m.]: Tutta’s Pizza just tweeted, “We had an electrical fire & the truck took some pretty bad damage. The team is okay & headed back to the commissary now. Updates coming…”

Update [3:07 p.m.]: Amanda Scott from Tutta’s tells us that a fan motor caught on fire.  The truck will be on a tow truck and on it’s way to Cruisin’ Kitchens in San Antonio tomorrow for repair.  San Antonio’s Cruisin’ Kitchens was the original builder, but the fan motor had recently been re-wired by an outside electrician.  Cruisin’ Kitchens says that they’ll be going again in two weeks, but all scheduled Tutta’s events are cancelled through April 6.