Damariscotta, ME: Grill Zilla Food Truck

Owners of Grill Zilla BBQ stand next to their cool sign

KD found this food truck while driving home from a workshop in Maine. The whole street smelled like BBQ and, being a sucker for food served out of a truck, especially an old Frito-Lay truck, she had to stop.

Of course, she ordered the sampler, which consists of a half portion of ribs, a chicken drumstick, some pulled pork and a few slices of brisket, served with cornbread and sauce, for $12.00.

Their BBQ sauce tasted like a really good, homemade version of the MacDonald’s BBQ sauce that KD (and pretty much everyone else) dipped her chicken nuggets in as a kid.  KD enjoyed it so much that she brought some home to the Vineyard so EA could try some too.

We recently discovered that Toho, the company that owns the rights to Godzilla, is suing this food truck for copyright infringement. We’re not sure how someone would confuse a Maine BBQ truck with a Japanese monster movie, but that’s for someone else to figure out.

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