Danville, VA: Danville Public Schools’ food truck proves successful

By Colter Anstaett  |  10 News

DANVILLE, Va. – Danville Public Schools’ food truck is proving to be very successful.

The school district started using a food truck at the beginning of summer to feed students.

Last month alone, the truck served about 3,500 meals.

Danville Public Schools Nutrition Director Phillip Gardner said he plans to keep using it throughout the school year.

“I’m going to pick a school each week and within that week, we’re going to pick a grade level each day that we’re going to be serving that food from the food truck,” Gardner said. “If I’m out in public, if I see a parent or I see a child, they tell me how much they love the food truck. Even if we’re at one of our locations, they may be driving down the street and honk at us, wave at us.”

He hopes to expand the food truck service in the future.