DC: Chinatown Coffee Hosts Food Truck Happy Hours

Chinatown Coffee

By Fiona Zublin | ExpressNightOut.com

Chinatown Coffee

The food truck craze seems to us to be sorely lacking variety — after all, is there a beer truck? The internet says no. Guys, we should totally open a beer truck! This is better than that idea we had about the delivery smore store. Chinatown Coffee (475 H St. NW) is closing this egregious food truck gap (sort of) starting this Thursday, with Food Truck Happy Hours, a trend the business began last fall and has brought back for spring.

Every Thursday from 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m., the coffee shop/absinthe hangout will host a different food truck on the curb outside. The series lasts from March 31 to June 2 — at which time, presumably, it will be so humid outside that the food trucks will all pack up and move to Alaska. During happy hour, patrons can buy food at the outdoor cart, then take it inside to enjoy $3 beers and avoid street traffic. The series kicks off with Takorean this week, and continues through most of our favorite D.C. trucks, including CapMac and Eat Wonky.

A Welcome Wheat
Our favorite sign of spring isn’t the cherry blossoms or the Kite Festival on the National Mall. It’s Bells Oberon Ale, a wheat beer that’s only available during the warm months. Oberon returns to the bars of the District on Sunday, and the Big Hunt (1345 Connecticut Ave. NW) hosts a release party for the brew on Monday night. Festivities start at 5 p.m. and include Oberon swag and (of course) awesome beer.