Alexandria, VA: Egg Roll Food Truck Business Aims for Brick-and-Mortar Location

By Mary Ann Barton  |


ALEXANDRIA, VA — Meghan Baroody, owner of Meggrolls, is hoping to jumpstart her egg roll food truck business by raising $25,000 to start a brick and mortar location.

So far, she’s raised nearly $5,000 using a Kickstarter campaign. The campaign has 18 days to go.

“A shop would be the perfect home-base for Meggrolls. It would allow us to create multiple sources of revenue, including individual sales, bulk orders and catering. It would also allow us to provide Meggrolls during what could arguably be the time of day when Meggrolls are craved and desired the most– late night!”

Making the leap from food truck or food cart to brick and mortar is a concept that has worked across the region, including for local businesses District Taco now in multiple locations and Hula Girl, which recently opened in Shirlington.


Baroody, an Alexandrian (she’s the youngest in a family of six children), got her start in the food truck business after college, where she studied art. After graduating from Catholic University in 2003 with a painting degree, she supplemented her income by bartending, while pursuing many creative outlets. For fun, she made egg rolls creating a variety of flavors for friends.

While working at Alexandria restaurants Chadwicks and Ramparts, she developed a menu of 30 flavors for her business. Meggrolls are egg rolls with multiple personalities. The egg rolls pack a lot of flavor in a bite-size package that doesn’t require a fork, knife or spoon — perfect for parties, and she does a lot of catering business.

She found a food truck for sale on Craigslist and applied for a food truck license in Arlington, where you can sell from any parking space.


In 2014, Meggrolls was named among the Top 25 food trucks by Washingtonian magazine:

“It sounds dubious, like a 7-Eleven fast-food experiment gone awry: a Big Mac reenvisioned as . . . an egg roll? Thanks to Meghan Baroody’s ingenuity, we find ourselves craving it—along with lots of her other “meggrolls”—on many an afternoon. The fat rolls stay impressively crisp, and we’ve yet to find a filling we don’t like, from celery-topped chicken with Buffalo sauce and blue cheese to chorizo with poblano peppers, corn, cheddar, and honey.”

Want to help chip in? Visit the Kickstarter campaign page here.

PHOTOS: Meghan Baroody with her food truck; photo is a screen grab from Kickstarter video; logo and “Meggrolls.” Photos courtesy of Meghan Baroody