Denver: Basta Mobile Will Hit The Streets In May

By Laura Shunk |

While the new food truck guide spells uncertainty for a number of mobile concepts in Denver, Pizzeria Basta is undeterred in its plan to unleash a mobile wood-fired oven on the state of Colorado. The crew is ramping up to unveil Basta Mobile, a portable extension of the Boulder-based restaurant that will take the pizzeria’s food up and down the Front Range.

“We’ve got a wood-fired oven on a trailer and a mobile sous-vide license, so we’ll be able to do our full menu on the street,”says Kelly Whitaker, chef-owner of Pizzeria Basta.
In addition to pizza, wood-roasted vegetables, burrata and housemade ricotta, Whitaker will be in a position to serve his 72-hour sous-vide short rib — from a truck bed.

Even so, he doesn’t plan on abandoning Pizzeria Basta to hit the road. “I don’t want to just drive around, so we’re just planning on doing events,” explains the chef. “We’ll be at the Infinite Monkey Theorem for First Fridays, and we’ll do other functions,” plus, he says, “This is a good way for us to make our food for people outside of Boulder and hopefully get them to come in and try the restaurant.”

The chef says that they’ve started booking parties, and they’ll roll out Basta Mobile on their website this week. The trailer hits the ground on May 1.