Denver, CO: Food Truckin’ – Introducing Meatball

By Molly Martin  |  303 Magazine


What: A new food truck on the Denver streets that’s serving up meatball sandwiches and sliders


  • Today: At Argonaut Liquors from 12-6pm and at the Root 40 Music Fest in Capitol Hill tonight.
  • This Summer: Meatball can be found at Civic Center Eats on Tuesdays and Thursdays starting May 20th, Jazz in the Park starting in June, and  many other events around town. Follow them on Twitter @feedmemeatballs for the latest updates on where you can get your Meatball fix.

In Denver, warm weather brings with it the promise of Red Rocks shows, hikes in the mountains and, of course, the return of food trucks to the city’s streets. While some of our favorites are gearing up for a summer filled with events, there are also some new trucks hitting the pavement this year.

Meatball is a shiny new food truck from the folks behind 303 favorite Hey PB&J that’s ready to serve up their signature sliders and sandwiches to the masses of Denver.

But why meatballs?

Why not? One of the highlights of running a food truck is the one-on-one interactions between customers and the people manning those tight kitchen quarters. When it became clear to Matt McDonald, owner at Hey PB&J and Meatball, that people were craving this savory treat, he decided to give the people what they wanted. And while rolling out hundreds of meatballs every weekend is no easy task, the hard work that goes on behind the scenes of this truck is all worth it for the delicious results.


With fresh new graphics adorning the truck and fresh ingredients inside, Meatball has been making the rounds already. If you had a chance to check them out at last weekend’s 420 rally at Civic Center Park, let us know what you though in the comments.

The menu is simple: two sliders for $7 or a sandwich for $8 ($7.75 for the meatless options). There are 6 options to choose from including the classic beef meatball with house tomato sauce, shaved parmesan and basil.


From there, the options get a little more adventurous with the pork served with a kick from green chilies, cojita cheese and cilantro and a chicken meatball with balsamic bbq sauce, red cabbage slaw and arugula. Or go totally non-meatball and get your pork fix shredded with the porchetta-style pulled pork with arugula, onion-fennel marmalade and salsa verde.

Despite the truck’s carnivorous name, there are some vegetarian-friendly options. The marinatedkale and arugula salad served with toasted hazelnut gremolata is a superfood treat or go old school (in a totally fancy way) with a French onion grilled cheese with gruyere and caramelized onion. And don’t skip the house made rosemary ginger lemonade ($3) for some serious refreshment.

With a simple name, a simple menu and a whole lot of meatballs, this truck is all about pleasing the people. So keep your eyes (and your Twitter feed) open and fill your Meatball craving.

All photos by Darian Simon