Denver, CO: Food Truckin’ – Manna From Heaven

By Alyse Bradway  |  303 Magazine

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What: Manna From Heaven
Where: Follow them on Twitter to find their current location @mannafoodtruck
When: Manna From Heaven’s next stop will be Platte and 15th from 12-5 pm
Recommendation: Red Wine-Teriyaki Steak Banh Mi

The Vietnamese inspired cuisine cooked up by the Manna From Heaven food truck is just the ticket to starting off your summer. Only fresh, natural ingredients are used so you won’t feel guilty about chowing down on one of their famous Banh Mi sandwiches. For those of you that don’t know the Banh Mi is a traditionally Vietnamese sandwich consisting of a variety of cold cuts slapped between a baguette. This sandwich gets a face lift at Manna From Heaven by heating it up to make the flavors pop and adding tasty veggies. This version includes crisp vegetables like carrots, cucumber, and bean sprouts that are placed between a freshly baked roll that is to die for; the perfect combination of golden crust and a fluffy interior. If that wasn’t enough is comes with your meat of choice including citrus-herb chicken and spiced pork, but my favorite is the red wine-teriyaki steak.

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Now I know the Banh Mi is enough to tantalize anyone’s taste buds but don’t miss out on some of their other great options like their Vietnamese Spring Rolls and Pot stickers. There are even vegetarian options such as the seasoned veggies and tofu and whatever you choose make you wash it down with their fresh fruit smoothies with boba. The best part about all this gourmet food, is that it’s completely affordable. Every offering from Manna From Heaven is $10 dollars and under.

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On top of the amazing food Manna From Heaven serves up a true family establishment with a big heart. The Galves are the proud owners and operators of the truck and it’s a family affair because everyone in the family helps out. Lead by the main chef Larry, his wife and two kids accompany him on Manna From Heaven and this family likes to give back. Not only do 10% of their sales go to charity in an effort to feed the hungry but they also volunteer at great Denver events like the5280 Movement where they helped to feed the local community.

Great food and even better people are what await you at Manna From Heaven. What more could you really ask for?