Do We Really Need a Jack In the Box Food Truck?

By Edwin Goei |

Carl’s Jr. has one; so does In-N-Out.  Last week, ball-headed Jack got a truck of his own. Jack In the Box’s so-called “Munchie Mobile” is tricked out in side graphics featuring the typically business-suited mascot all muscled-up in a He-Man pose and riding a tiger. Yes, a tiger.

At this point, the truck is roaming San Diego, but it has plans to move north to OC and LA. QSR Web reports that “the brand-building vehicle is about 12 feet longer than the average food truck and includes state-of-the-art kitchen technologies to create the chain’s staples such as the Jumbo Jack, Spicy Chicken Sandwich and its famous tacos. It includes an on-board generator, water heater and 30 gallons of potable water.”

That’s all fine and good, but seriously, what masochistic gas-wasting noob will really want to follow its Twitter or Facebook to find out where it will be next? I admit, those mystery-meat tacos are mighty tasty at 99-cents for a twofer, especially when it’s late at night and you’re bleary eyed and delirious, but where the heck are you if you’re not within a mile of a brick-and-mortar Jack In the Box?