Enticed Shaved Ice Truck in Dallas

Picture of Enticed's truck trying to remain cool under the shade trees

by George Lewis | DMagazine.com

Picture of Enticed's truck trying to remain cool under the shade trees

I don’t have to tell you how ‘effin hot it is outside. Those of you with kids don’t need me to remind you how hard it is to get motivated to shuttle them around town in a hot car after school. However, the situation in my family was reversed Monday night. I wanted to visit a new food truck. “Oh, daddy. Not another food truck,” they moaned. It didn’t help that said truck was parked in downtown Dallas.  Then I told them about the truck. The car filled.  Jump for shaved ice!

We pulled up to the Enticed Shaved Ice truck and piled out to encounter a dizzying array of about 35 selections.  I chose the somewhat safe orange-pineapple. The kids opted for one fruit punch, a mix of pink lemonade and watermelon, and a pina colada shaved ice.  They offer them in two sizes: $3 for the regular size and a $4 for the giant.  The $3 size is more than enough and is large enough to share.

Enticed's Orange Pineapple

Shaved ice is different than the snow cones that we all grew up with.  Snow cones are made by crushing ice and drizzling syrup on it, which inevitably ends up at the bottom of the cup.  Shaved ice was reputedly brought to Hawaii by Japanese Samurai’s who would shave a big block of ice with their swords.  The fine ice absorbs the flavors rather than dropping to the bottom. (History Lesson Credit: Wikipedia and other History of Shaved Ice web sites). Enticed’s shaved ice is much more “ice cream-like” than snow cone like.  True to the history lesson, the flavors can be tasted throughout.  If you get two flavors, they stay separated and won’t mix together.

Enticed can often be found in the Arts District, as well as at Strokers Icehouse in Dallas, their first location.  Enticed’s owner Sydney Brown tells us that his customers take the shaved ice inside Strokers and turn it into an “adult shaved ice.”  I’m thinking they could win best margarita in Dallas, but that’s another story.

Enticed will be at the Sigel’s Food Festival this Saturday, August 27. Eat as much as you want but end with an Enticed’s shaved ice.  Especially if you have the kids with you.  You’ll be the hero.