Even More Food Trucks Rolling Into St. Paul

photo courtesy of Pioneer Press

By Kathie Jenkins | Pioneer Press

photo courtesy of Pioneer Press

With so many food trucks and so many choices these days, choosing where to eat is becoming difficult. Here are three options that are fairly new to the food-truck scene. Prices are less than $10, and the food sells out quickly, especially on sunny days.

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Neato’s Burgers offers drive-in-style burgers, hot dogs and fries. But here the meat is ground fresh and cooked to perfection, the hot dogs snap when you take a bite and the fries are cooked in duck fat, making them rich, crisp and incredibly delicious. (@NeatosBurgers)

Cave Cafe bills itself as Afro-Italiano fusion. The star on the menu is the spicy chicken curry – a huge mound of rice, mixed vegetables and chicken stir-fried with plenty of hot sauce. It’s $9 and enough to feed two. (@TheCaveCafe)

It’s all about home cooking at the Home Street Home. Unfortunately, the grilled sandwiches blue-cheese-stuffed burgers and fajitas were sold out by the time I stopped by, so I got the only thing that was left – bean tacos wrapped in a lightly fried flour tortillas and topped with crema and sharp cheddar cheese. They were satisfying, but next time, I’ll know better and get there earlier for more choices. (@HomeStrtHomeTrk)

Small Bites are first glances – not intended as definitive reviews – of new or changed restaurants. Pioneer Press restaurant critic Kathie Jenkins can be reached at 651-228-5585 or Follow her at twitter.com/JenkinsCritic .