Fairfield, CT: The Local Meatball Food Truck Rolls into Fairfield County

By Kathleen Atkins | CT Bites


There is a new food truck on the block in Fairfield (well, not so much food truck as in food car – Smart Car to be exact).  The Local Meatball is rolling into town and making its debut this Saturday, April 6th, dishing out meatballs on the Town Green in Fairfield, made with local, organic ingredients.  Meatballs, a comfort food of many, no longer need to be served over spaghetti to complete a meal.  The Local Meatball is proving these balls stand great on their own!

Wanting to share his passion for meatballs with the town, chef and Fairfield resident Michael DiStassio started The Local Meatball.  “Meatballs are such a simple idea, but they resonate with so many people,” says DiStassio.  The Local Meatball was revealed online on March 9th, National Meatball Day and “People have been so responsive to the idea,” added DiStassio.

Working from his grandmother’s recipe, DiStassio has tweaked it slightly to come up with a variety of 5 different kinds of balls that will rotate weekly. The authentic old world taste of his grandmother’s recipe, combined with fresh and flavorful local products give these meatballs a depth of flavor.  The meat is sourced from Craft Butchery (Saugatuck, CT), ricotta from Calabro (East Haven, CT), eggs from the Farmer’s Cow (Lebanon, CT) and bread from il Forno Bakery (Bronx, NY).  “I wanted to make my meatballs with ingredients I would serve my family,” says DiStassio.  “I’ve been calling it ‘street gourmet.’  Everything is better when it’s local.”

The Local Meatball will have something for big and small meatball lovers alike!  They will be offering three different sizes – from a meatball slider, to a 3 ball grinder. The cart holds approximately 200 ice-cream-scoop sized meatballs; plenty to go around!

The Local Meatball Menu includes:

SERIOUS -Made with the finest ground beef from Craft Butchery and soaked in their traditional sauce

KICK IN DA – Made with the most tender local pork around and some hot cherry peppers to give them just the right kick. Served in a chunky, spicy sauce, they’re a win-win.

IN THE BUFF – Fresh ground chicken and our own buffalo sauce—these are the perfect combination of heat and flavor.

HONEY’S – Honey BBQ sauce from a local favorite and a tender, juicy pork ball

JEWELS – These salty, sweet creations are what The Local Meatball likes to call a “breakfast ball.” They are made with ground beef, bacon and chunks of melted cheddar cheese, and topped off with local maple syrup on a snowflake roll.

This red Smart Car with kitchen cart hitched to the back will be seen parked in various places around town.  It features the company’s friendly meatball character.   Fairfield residents won’t be able to miss it.   “I liked the idea of the Smart Car,” says DiStassio. “It is fuel efficient and sort of resembles a meatball.”  The car also puts DiStassio on the ground.  “I get to be on the same level as my customers and not up high in a truck.”

In addition to being parked around town, The Local Meatball will also be available for parties and festivals.  DiStassio wants to make mobile food accessible to everyone.  Unlike many food trucks, the Local Meatball will not require a large number of party attendees.  The Local Meatball is already booked up for many festivals in the Fairfield County area, including the Pop Shop Market on June 1st.

This Saturday, April 6th, visit the Local Meatball in downtown Fairfield.  Be sure to check out The Local Meatball website and follow him on Twitter @LocalMeatball.  Both will clue you in on where you can find him parked around town to satisfy your meatball craving or take some home for later.