Farmer’s Market, Food Truck and More May Actually Make You Want to Eat at LAX Again

by kjb |

At this point, we’re considering buying refundable airline tickets just so we can access the best airport terminals for all the new good food options opening. Whether it’s a fabulous burger or a Mexican sandwich, we just can’t resist, and now it looks like Los Angeles International Airport is the latest to up its foodie finds.

There are already plans for a farmer’s market at the airport, along with some of the country’s best fried chicken, but now there are even a few more planned options. Airport officials just released their decisions on who is going to score the coveted leases for 2012, and it looks like the airport is getting burgers, vegetables, and even a food truck.

New dining establishments include options from chefs and restaurateurs like Govind Armstrong, Mark Peel, and Jimmy Shaw. The only thing is that the pesky city council still needs to give their final stamps of approval, but we’re just going to assume that everything is going to be fine.

Coming to Terminal 4 is Campanile—famous for their grilled cheese options—along with 8 oz. Burger Bar and plenty of vegan options thanks to Real Food Daily. There will also be a Starbucks, as everyone needs something icy and mocha-y for dessert. Other newbies to the Terminal 4 neighborhood include the aforementioned LA Gourmet Street Truck, La Provence Patisserie and Cafe, and Cole’s—the latter kind of like invented the French Dip sandwich.

The airport wants to bring more local options as well as California cuisines, so there’s new stuff coming to Terminal 7 as well. Over there, the plan is to add Loteria Grill, Marmalade Café, and an outpost of the Counter burger chain.

Again, there’s still a lot of stuff to be finalized—including paperwork—but expect at least some of these delicious airport options to swing open their doors next year. Flying out of Los Angeles has never been so tasty, so start planning your extended layovers now.