FindLaw Employees Love Bacon and Other Food Truck Cuisine

Here's proof of me waiting anxiously for my order:
Here's proof of me waiting anxiously for my order
Remember when “food truck” was just a nicer way of saying “roach coach?” No disrespect to roaches; but mobile eateries typically were limited to unpretentious tacos, plastic-wrapped tuna sandwiches and — if you happen to be feasting at a state fair — deep-fried Twinkies or anything sold on a stick.

Oh how times have changed.

Nowadays, on any given weekday around lunch time, you’ll find food trucks parked near FindLaw’s Sunnyvale office dishing up such haute cuisine as grass-fed beef burgers with maple syrup-glazed bacon and grilled shrimp sandwiches with parsley and garlic sauce. You’ll even find tacos, some traditional, some with an Asian twist.

And we’re just getting warmed up.

Senior blog writer Andrew Chow, our unofficial food truck expert, recommends MoGo BBQ and its Korean-inspired barbecued short-rib tacos. He also enjoys the “Bubba Chen” plate offered by Chinese soul food outfit Soulnese, which consists of fried chicken, fried rice and a macaroni-and-cheese eggroll (yep, just like it sounds).

Now that’s fusion.

Chow said he relies “100 percent” on the food trucks for lunch, very rarely bringing his own lunch to work. “And when I do,” he added, “I wish I’d eaten at a food truck instead.”

While he’s certainly dedicated to his midday meal, content marketing specialist John Karbaf is willing to go that extra mile (literally) and drive to the MoGo BBQ truck

“Sometimes when I need a MoGo fix, and they’re not on our street, I’ll look them up on Twitter and drive a couple miles to where they are so I can indulge.”

I got caught up in the hype myself, and have become a MoGo fan.

In addition to Twitter feeds maintained by individual food trucks (this is Silicon Valley, after all), engineers at a neighboring office compiled a Google calendar for our stretch of California Ave. Most trucks roll by every two weeks or so, such as my favorite Eat on Monday, while some arrive just once in a blue moon.

Perhaps one of the most beloved food trucks gracing our little neck of the woods is San Francisco’s Bacon Bacon, a favorite of senior content specialist Javier Lavagnino. He recommends the grilled cheese with bacon jam (bacon jam!) or “The Belly,” a decadent sandwich of pork belly, fried egg and caper aioli.

Even senior blog writer Robyn Cain, who almost always brings her lunch to work (usually a healthy salad), springs for a “bacon bouquet” (just plain strips of bacon) from Bacon Bacon when it’s in town.

My own brown-bagged creations can’t hold a candle to such mouth-watering mobile delights, but I’ve been known to splurge from time to time.

Bon appetite!