Fine Sidewalk Dining with San Diego’s Food Trucks

Juan Miron & Kevin Ho. (Courtesy Michael Savacool)

By Inigo Figuracion |

Juan Miron & Kevin Ho. (Courtesy Michael Savacool)

Food trucks. Gastro trucks. Taco trucks. Mobile street food. Call them what you want, but don’t call them roach coaches. Because gourmet food trucks are about the hottest trend in restaurants right now. Food trucks (or carts) have been around forever (ever eat a delicious sidewalk meal in Manhattan?), but the ante has been upped in cities like New York and Los Angeles – fresh ingredients, imaginative menus, and social media are driving food truck food to new heights.

San Diego has its share of gourmet food trucks and trucks like Miho Gastrotruck and Tabe BBQ have elevated the cuisine to essentially fine sidewalk dining with inventive menus and fresh and locally grown ingredients. And with social media such as Facebook and Twitter playing a huge part in getting the word out, gourmet food trucks are the biggest thing in restaurants right now. Even established food purveyors are getting in on the act: Cohn Restaurant Group launched the Chop Sooey Truck with famed Indigo Grill chef Deborah Scott’s influence, and Jack in the Box just rolled out Jack’s Munchie Mobile to serve up those infamous tacos that can only be craved when one has the late-night munchies.

San Diego’s food trucks serve up a variety of tasty food, and the fun is knowing the exact whereabouts on any given day – that’s where you’ll want to check your Twitter feeds.