Food Truck 5 Bites: Leland Morris

written by Amanda

Metrocurean continues to ask the people behind DC’s newest street food craze what they eat when they’re not stuck inside a truck. Leland Morris, president of the wildly popular Red Hook Lobster Pound truck, fills us in on his favorites. (That’s him on the left.)

1.  Anything from chef Bertrand Chemel and the crew at 2941 Restaurant, specifically love his game bird cookery and his Muscovy duck with huckleberries dish. I think this is one of the most amazing restaurants in the area.
2.  A turkey burger avocado wrap with a brownie and power booster smoothie from the Juice Joint Cafe.  The turkey burger wrap is only available on Tuesdays unless you have some connections.
3. A bowl of mussels and a cold Leffe beer at Granville Moore’s
4. Calamari salad and a Ginger Snap cocktail at Matchbox. If this sounds girlie … well my wife did turn me on to this combo.
5. Last but certainly not least, Red Hook‘s own Connecticut style roll. I used to be a Maine only guy, but my tastes have switched lately. And despite being knee deep in lobster almost every day, I still love the delicious simplicity of this sandwich. I eat about three per week!