Food Truck Craze Hitting Sacramento; SactoMoFo Festival Saturday (video)

By Suzanne Phan |

SACRAMENTO, CA – The newest food craze sweeping the nation is popping up right here in Sacramento–food trucks. The Sacramento mobile food — or “SactoMoFo“–festival is Saturday.

Tuesday night, there was a preview with a tweetup featuring two local gourmet food trucks: Drewski’s Hot Rod and the Mini Burger Truck.

Organizers hope a big event this weekend with dozens of trucks and vendors will garner public support to help change an existing ordinance that’s been making it tough for food trucks to do business.

“City council passed an ordinance that says food trucks have to move every 30 minutes. They can’t service gourmet food to patrons and them pack up and move,” said SactoMoFo organizer Catherine Enfield.

“I think the existing ordinance we have on the books was dealing with traditional food trucks that would service construction sites and other sites. It was a convenience factor. Frankly, the 30 minute rule was to keep the peace among the various vendors so they wouldn’t run over each other on various routes,” said City Councilmember Rob Fong.

The food trucks–which have gathered a loyal following among foodies– often announce on Twitter and Facebook where they are and where they are moving to.

The SactoMoFo festival is Saturday, April 30th at Fremont Park in Sacramento from noon to 6pm.

The event is free. It’ll feature 15 food trucks–many from the Bay Area plus another dozen or so vendors. News10 is a media sponsor.