Food Truck Fest in Santa Clarita, CA 2-19-11

By Cal |

Food Trucks are all the rage, but to see 40 of them in one place is almost unbelievable! What’s so great about a “roach coach”? It’s not the same these days–it’s GOURMET! When the hot, smokin’ trucks roll into town, follow your nose to Santa Clarita’s Central Park where the mother of all food events will introduce 40 gourmet options in one single place for an afterno0n of hog wild grazing and munching. Santa Clarita Food Truck Fest takes place on Saturday, Feb. 19, 2011, form 11 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Painted in wild and crazy colors from lime green to hot pink, the food trucks will be lined up serving everything from Chinese tacos to greasy hot dogs. Those who pay $5 ($10 at the gate) will gain admission to a world of culinary flavors. Each coach charges for their food, and the admission fee you pay is for a nonprofit fundraising event in town to help stock a food bank.

Here are a few of the trucks–Dim Sum Truck,  Shrimp Pimp, The Canter’s Truck, Indiana Jones Chow Truck, Fatburger, Great Balls on Tires, Mac ‘n Roll, Tapa Boy Food Truck,  Louks Greek Gourmet, Fishlips Sushi, Papa’s Tapas and the Toasty Meat Truck.  For tickets, go to