Food Truck Population in Dallas Increases by 40 %

By George Lewis |

The number of upscale food trucks on Dallas streets will increase significantly this month.  Currently, there are about 16 active food trucks in Dallas and 8-10 in Ft. Worth.  Some are more active than others and some are event-only trucks and trailers, but those numbers give you an idea of current activity.  Now that the blazing summer is past and the glorious fall weather is upon us, we’ve got at least 6 new food trucks rolling out in the Dallas area.  More importantly, all of these food trucks look like they are going to be deliver  inexpensive, relatively fast food with innovative flavors.

An introduction to October’s lineup:

First on deck is The Butcher’s Son (TBS). We told you about TBS a couple of weeks ago.  This is the truck that I’m nicknaming “Tailgater’s Dream.”. See their full menu after the jump.  TBS #1 rolls this week and TBS#2 cranks up next week.

Next up is The Cup Cakin’ Machine, which is planning on starting operations October 8.  Owner/pastry chef Ashley Green intends to feature unique flavors.  One in particular caught my eye:  a “buttermilk maple cupcake topped with bacon.”

You’ve got to love the name: The Good Karma Kitchen food truck.  No guessing here as to which dining segment they are targeting: healthy, vegetarian, and gluten-free.  Good Karma is planning on being on the streets of Dallas and Fort Worth towards the end of this month.

So-Cal Tacos plans on starting Fort Worth first, followed by Dallas.  Owner/chef Scott Wooley wants to bring upscale Baja tacos topped with a “Killer Salsa” with a cool surfing vibe.

The Munch Box has their truck complete and is working on finalizing their menu.  Owner/chefs Rob Vassilakos and Eric Foster intends on focusing on high end farm-to-table ingredients.  The truck itself will feature monitors of the farms that Munch Box gets their produce from.

There are more coming in October, including Antojitos Cali-Mex and Lee’s Grilled Cheese.  However, they are limited to only Fort Worth right now.

Jump for more pictures and menus!The menu from The Butcher’s Son suggests something for everyone in the family, big, hearty mid-west fare.  TBS rolls truck #1 this week, #2 next week, and plans on adding more next February.  This is the truck that I would want to come to my Superbowl Party.

The Cup Cakin’ Machine plans to start rolling this next weekend, on October 8 in Dallas.  Owner/operator/chef Ashley Green is a high school physics teacher who turned into a pastry chef and now into a truck driver as well.  The Cup Cakin’ Machine will be the first mobile cupcakery in Dallas, unless you count the ill-fated Dimples truck.  Trailercakes doesn’t yet count, since they can’t get the trailer licensed just yet in Dallas.  The Cup Cakin’ Machine plans to operate in the lunch to dinner segment, as well as private events.  You can find their entire menu here.

After I try The Butcher’s Son multiple times, I’ll need a few months of Good Karma’s vegetarian and gluten-free offerings.  Chef Christina MacMicken might be the most passionate of the chefs, walking the walk of vegetarian/gluten-free with a great back-story as she develops recipes for herself and customers.  GKK expects to be serving breakfast in Fort Worth and then lunch and dinner in Dallas in the Arts District, Uptown to Galleria area. Good Karma is slowly releasing their menu items on Facebook, with a vegan breakfast of red

Chef Scott Wooley is all-in with his So-Cal Tacos with “Killer Salsa”.  I’ve not met Scott, but according to all of the other local food truck owners, Scott might be the nicest guy you’ll ever meet.  He might be the craziest too, quitting a job with 4 kids under the age of 6 and launching a food truck business.  These had better be the best tacos and salsa in this town full of taco experts.  Scott is setting the bar high for himself, promising Southern California baja fish, shrimp, chicken and steak tacos and burritos.  So-Cal has their Fort Worth permit and will be rolling soon there, with plans to come to Dallas soon.  So-Cals progress can be followed on their Facebook page or Twitter @socaltacos.roasted potatoes, slow cooked seasoned organic black beans, house-made vegan sausage, scrambled tofu, and fresh salsa.  They’ve also revealed one of their desserts: a “Chocolate Dream” cake.

And finally, Munch Box is one of the more tight-lipped food trucks coming.  Owner/chefs Rob Vassilakos and Eric Foster want to bring farm-to-table, chef driven, high quality local ingredients to the food truck segment.  Chef Rob tutored under The Mercury’s Chris Ward, so we expect a high quality of product.  Thus far, they have not released a menu, but they are close to rolling as the truck is wrapped and ready to go.  While many of the other trucks toot their own horns well in advance of actually getting on the street and serving, Munch Box is very guarded about their product, perhaps reflecting their bricks ‘n’ mortar restaurant history.