Food Truck Sells Sweet Street Treats

By Uche Abanobi

Food trucks are zooming into the mainstream. Over the last few years, the movable feasts have popped up all over city street corners, have been the focus of reality shows and have taken over prime real estate on the former Tavern on the Green location.

“I think this country and a lot of countries have a rich history of street food and also of small businesses,” said Kim Ima, the owner of The Treats Truck. “And a lot of people who never ate on the streets before, they pass the little street stands now, and are very open to it, and enjoying it.”

Ima, who has been in business for three years, uses Twitter and other social networks to alert her customers to her location each day. She is currently gearing up to open up her own treats shop in Brooklyn. Meanwhile, she’s spending this month selling holiday-themed confections.