Food Truck Spotlight: Gandolfo’s Review

By Davey The Intern | JACK FM

Visiting with the passionate chef/owner of Gandolfo’s Dallas, New York Deli Food Truck, proved to be a lesson in the ins and outs of New York City. Randy Wolken worked the corporate gig as a stock broker for 21 years.

His decision to give that up and open Gandolfo’s Dallas, well to me, was the best decision he could make!

Randy’s passion of a “New York” style sandwich (there’s “nothing like it”) comes alive when you hear him describe the handmade breads such as rye, sourdough, Kaiser rolls and deli style Hero rolls they make each day for their sandwiches. AND did you know they fly their bagels in from NYC? I mean as Randy puts it, “A New York bagel is the best,” and something about bagels made with Brooklyn River water. Gandolfo’s Dallas is now serving soup thru the winter (they ran out of the Chicken Corn Chowder while we were there) and if you want one of those big pickles, you can find them at Gandolfo’s Dallas.

Gandolfo’s Dallas has been serving food since May 2011. You’ll see an additional to his fleet that will head to the areas of Fort Worth and North Dallas the first of the year.

Now to the sandwiches.

Randy and his team made the Bridge Hampton Turkey first. The sandwich is on a Hero Roll with the best turkey you’ll get this side of Grandma’s house, bacon, swiss, lettuce, tomato, avocado, mayo, s&p. This is one of their cold sandwiches. I enjoyed it, it was fresh, I can see where summer/spring this is a killer sandwich. The bread was so fresh. You can tell they bake it each day.

The next sandwich…well let’s just say, I’ll be craving this one in my sleep. I have no doubt! The Rockefeller Reuben! Just writing the name has my mouth-watering. This lovely sandwich contained this amazing pastrami with the right amount of goodness (fat) on one of the best rye breads I’ve ever had. AND let me state this again, Gandolfo’s Dallas makes this bread every day. Randy made the comment, he’s been threatened if he ever changed his rye bread. I’m on that band wagon! Along with the pastrami goodness and rye bread, you find swiss, sauerkraut and Russian dressing. Yes, you can put spicy mustard, but I’ll probably never try it without the homemade Russian dressing. It was the perfect amount of spice with the other ingredients. This sandwich is a hot sandwich and will fill up your belly and make you happy/content until you start craving it again.

The folks at Gandolfo’s Dallas have the “Texan Kindness” even though they are selling New York Deli style sandwiches. And believe me; you’ll go back again and again.

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