Food Trucks Draw Crowds of Foodies Near Downtown Orlando

Korean BBQ Taco Box and others draw crowds

By Katie Farmand | EdibleOrlando


Korean BBQ Taco Box and others draw crowds

“If mile-long lines are any indication, the food truck trend is here to stay in Orlando. At the first Orlando Food Truck Bizaar, nine trucks serving dishes ranging from simple Mexican tacos to grilled octopus and chickpea salad gathered in the parking lot of Discovery Church on South Orange Avenue.

Yum Yum Cupcake Truck

Among the most popular was the Korean BBQ Taco Box, and for good reason. Their spicy pork taco is addictively tasty, slightly creamy, and with just enough bite to cut through the richness. The new Big Wheel Provisions Truck went outside the typical food truck fare with made-to-order chicharrones, crispy tater tots with foie gras parfait and house-made strawberry soda. Other offerings included pupusas (El Salvadoran tortilla-like treats stuffed with cheese and meats), cheeseburgers, lobster rolls, smoked barbeque and fluffy cupcakes from the Yum Yum Cupcake Truck—the only one there dedicated to sweets.

Red Eye offered up smoked barbeque

Even though the lines were long (some people reported an almost hourlong wait at several trucks), the food was worth the wait. And above all, the event reminded food-loving locals that good food doesn’t always come from a brick-and-mortar restaurant.