Food Trucks Hit the Streets with iPod Ordering

Food trucks will take customer orders using the iPod Touch to speed up order taking at truck spots around town.

Servers carry and enter the customer’s order into the iPod Touch which connects wirelessly with the printer and point-of-sale system in the truck. The chefs will know what to prepare, who the order is for, and the bill is printed on the spot for the customer. Auphan Software, point-of-sale solution providers in Vancouver, sees this as a huge opportunity for food trucks to better manage front and back of the house operations using the iPod Touch and the point-of-sale system, as popularity for food trucks grow.

Food orders and payment is entered in seconds and owners love that it’s small, light weight, and easy for their staff to carry and use. The iPod Touch is essentially a mobile point-of-sale system that food truck servers can carry around with them as they interact and service customers. Owners using this system can fully utilize back of the house capabilities to manage and better understand their sales and operations. Knowing the most popular ordered items, reading reports, and viewing daily trends allow them to properly manage and stock the proper supplies to reduce items from selling out. Food trucks can manage every other aspect of their business much like how brick and mortar restaurants do now.

Seen at various restaurants in Vancouver, and at the Richmond Night Market, at the Roaming Dragon food truck (producers of Gourmet Syndicate) this ordering setup will be available to new vendors throughout Vancouver. Working together with Gourmet Syndicate, this will provide a great opportunity for food truck vendors to better manage their front and back of the house business.

Order devices include the iPod Touch, iPad, iPhone