Food Trucks Offer New Culinary Experience

By Victoria Solomon |

Already super-popular on the sunny West Coast, the food truck is the latest delicious trend to hit Boston. The city has recently approved permits for food trucks just in time for summer-so get ready to try scrumptious new dishes at every street corner.

These trucks specialize in dishes from cupcakes to barbecue ribs, waffles or sandwiches. One of the latest trucks to arrive in Boston is Roxy’s Grilled Cheese, which serves up multiple variations of the classic grilled cheese to hungry pedestrians.

Orders such as baby swiss, char-grilled portobello mushrooms and tomatoes with a lemon basil aioli or honey goat cheese, roasted apples, and candied bacon on brioche french toast are just a few possible sandwiches.

The founder and co-owner of Roxy’s Grilled Cheese is James DiSabatino, a 23-year-old entrepreneur who seeks to deliver “grilled cheese without borders” to Boston-dwellers.

“Why not grilled cheese?” asks DiSabatino, “You can pretty much put anything inside of it.”

Another recently-popular food truck is the Cupcakory, a mobile baked goods shop with unique cupcake flavors such as ginger lemon, salted caramel, orange vanilla, double chocolate, and vanilla on chocolate.

Or try out the Momogoose this summer, an Asian (vegan and non-vegan) food truck that donates a small portion of each meal sold to charity. With dishes such as red curry, massaman curry, Korean barbecue, bulgogi beef, and Bangkok garpao, the Momogoose truck usually parks at the Kendall T stop.

Opening on May 1 at the SOWA market, Bon Me is a Vietnamese baguette sandwich truck, influenced by the Vietnam street food of French bread mixed with local fillings, says the company. Bon Me also takes pride in serving their food in eco-friendly containers and using fruit and vegetables from local farms.

All of these Boston food trucks use social media, such as Twitter, to let Bostonians know when and where they’ll be up and running each day. To follow these food trucks, check Twitter for @RoxysGrilledChz, @Cupcakory, @Momogoose, and @BonMe.