Food Trucks Revolutionize Houston Dining & There’s No Stopping This Roll

Julia Sharaby, founder of Houston's Fusion Taco Truck
Julia Sharaby, founder of Houston's Fusion Taco Truck

By Marci Gilbert | Culture Map

In the old days (circa 2006), the answer to “what’s for lunch?” was whatever you found in the downtown tunnels or the boring turkey sandwich in your brown paper bag. But in 2010 with the help of Twitter and Facebook, the answer comes from following the right accounts.

Fusion Taco Truck opened in Houston last May and changed the way we look for our next meal. Without a standing storefront, founder Julia Sharaby took her food truck to Downtown, Midtown and the Greenway area at lunchtime, and to the Washington and Lower Westheimer areas for late night eats. Fusion announce its location via Facebook and Twitter pages, each with thousands of followers, and stays at each spot for a short time before moving on to the next.

Food trucks have a short menu of gourmet easy-to-eat items like Asian beef fajitas on a corn tortilla with Asian slaw, or a variety of chalupas. Tacos are $3-$5 each. Even with three tacos, you are probably spending less than lunch at Café Express.

Soon after the success of Fusion Taco, the Fusion Pita truck started driving around Houston too. Serving breakfast and lunch, Fusion Pita offers chicken shawarma sandwiches, falafels and a make-your-own breakfast pita, each for $6.

Eatsie Boys - Houston

Other food trucks followed suit, like Eatsie Boys, run by three friends who solved their own problem for late night eats and made a business out of it. The Eatsie Boys truck also makes stops around town and at local farmers markets on the weekends. You can try out their Vietnamese sandwich called Da Bomb ($6) or License to Grill Cheese ($5) by following them on Facebook or Twitter to see where they are next.

If 2010 helped us find a more tasty lunch and late night snack just by playing on our iPhone Twitter app, what innovative ideas will 2011 bring to satisfy and enrich our stomachs? I can’t wait to find out.